Meet Sukanya…and her beautiful green haven in the heart of the city…
When Sukanya first set her eyes on this apartment, she knew she had to do something different with her balcony, but she had no idea it would turn out into this green awesomeness.

Initially, she started collecting all varieties of Bonsais such as pomegranate, orange, lemon, Banyan and even neem!!
Now her collection also includes small succulents, a Lily pond and air purifying money plants. All the plants are in white containers., organized in neat rows.

Initially setting up the garden was not that easy.

“Some plants would wither and die and that was really painful to watch.”

With her husband’s encouragement, she kept experimenting with plants that require less sunlight. She then added orchids to her collection.

“Orchids are the hardest to maintain. They require watering every day. We even stopped travelling as a couple, just so one of us could tend to the plants.” She laughs.
Sukanya also spends her free time in this space, tending to the plants while sipping her evening cuppa.

“It’s like meditation, it takes you to another world. There can be so much chaos happening around the world, but once I enter this space there is a sense of calm that can only be experienced.” Says Sukanya.
This is yet another example that one doesn’t need an independent house or villa to have a garden.

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