Our very own Kovai women…they may not be world leaders, Nobel prize winners, or astronauts who’ve landed on the moon.

These are women we meet every day, striving to make a mark in this big world.

These are the women, who have worked hard at what they do, overcome doubts, made mistakes, and learnt from those mistakes.

These are women who are not ashamed to be vulnerable. They are not those men-hating feminists, but women who have taken support from the men in their lives to make their home and workplace a happy place.

We are not here to talk about women empowerment. We are here to talk about the women who have long understood, that underneath it all, women have always had the power.

‘thekovaiwoman.com’ is not just a website, it’s a community, created with the vision of showing these wonderful women to the world, who are changing the world in their own way, one step at a time. We hope every woman who comes here, is able to take a bit of inspiration from these lovely women to evolve and become the best version of themselves!