Dr.K.V.Jayashree is a Consultant Psychologist, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Life skills coach and internationally certified heal your Life workshop leader and coach. She is also an advanced NLP practitioner and Gestalt therapist.

Her professional journey started off as a medical doctor. Her passion for research and teaching lead her to do MD in microbiology. A gold medalist, she worked for 10 years as a consultant microbiologist and as a teaching faculty in various hospitals and medical colleges before she started pursuing her current interests.

Her deep desire for personal exploration and growth since childhood started manifesting here in Coimbatore and guided her to do advanced training in transactional analysis in Asha counselling centre. Around the same time, she also got introduced to the work of Louise Hay which connects mind, body, emotions and spirit. She started to practice her learning’s not only for self-healing but also to help other people to overcome their issues by working on mind, body and spirit. She has conducted several programs in National and z International conferences. Her empathetic approach and non-judgmental attitude had been appreciated by all her participants.

Her programs are empowering, joyous and life-changing, motivating people to access their inner wisdom and create lasting positive transformations in various aspects of life.

Combining her passion of working with adolescent children, her innate qualities of compassion and empathy, her teaching skills and her medical background, she has developed a sexuality education and life skills training program called “Aha!- Adolescent Holistic Awareness” program. She has successfully been conducting this program for the last 7 years. Her vision is to help adolescents transform into healthy and happy adults. Realizing that not just the adolescents but the system they live in have to address, she also conducts workshops for parents and teachers on adolescent development.

She is married to a Neurologist and is a proud mother of 2 sons 19 and 16 years old who support her in her various interests and activities.

She successfully manages to balance her work and family. She enjoys travel and watching movies with her family. She also makes time for her hobbies and is an avid reader and a keen Carnatic musician.